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Products Used In Our Services
Corrugated Cardboard Rolls
For stone, tile and wood floor surfaces as well as
cabinet faces and tops.
30”wide x 250’ long roll
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Fax  949-454-2833
Multi Shield
Non woven synthetic fiber,
light tack adhesive back and
Polyethylene, liquid resistant top.
Used on wood surface stairs
and front doors. 120 day app.
40” x 56’  roll
Extra large shoe and boot covers.
Protects new and existing floors.
150 Pair Sold by the box.
Multi Surface
Clear 3mil non skid, self-adhesive film  for hard surfaces.
30 day maximum application
24” x 200’ roll
Carpet Mask
Clear 2mil non skid, self-adhesive film for carpet.
30 day maximum application
24” x 200’ roll
Small Bubble Pack
For handrail protection.
12”wide x 750’ long roll
3M 2” 2090 Painters Tape
2” x 60 yds.
3M 2” 764 Red Vinyl Tape (Thresholds)
2” x 60 yds.